1. What information do I need to sign up with NuEra Telecom?
Phone number
2. Do I need to notify/cancel my current phone company to use NuEra Telecom?
No. Because you use NuEra Telecom via a toll free access number, you do not need to notify your phone company of your choice to use NuEra Telecom, nor do you have to cancel your current long distance carrier. NuEra Telecom provides a separate service from your current phone plan.
3. Do I need international access in order to use this service?
No. You can use NuEra Telecom from any phone that allows you to dial a 1-800 number.
4. Can I use NuEra Telecom from an unregistered phone number?
Yes. Simply dial the 1-800 number, enter your authorization code (PIN), and when prompted, dial your destination number.
5. Can I place consecutive calls with NuEra Telecom without dialing the 1-800 number each time?
Yes. After your first call is completed, press # and a prompt will ask you to enter the next number you want to dial.
6. How do I use NuEra Telecom's Service?
If you are calling from a registered phone number: Dial the access number and then enter your destination number.
If you are placing a call from an unregistered phone number (outside your home, hotel, friend's house, your work): Dial our toll-free number, then enter your authorization code (PIN), and finally enter your destination number.
7. How many phone numbers can I register with NuEra Telecom?
If you are an individual customer, you can register up to 5 phone numbers. If you are a corporate account you can register up to 10 phone numbers. You will receive a phone bill for each of your registered lines. If you wish to add more phone lines that the ones previously mentioned, please contact our customer service department.
8. Is there a redial feature?
Yes we have redial feature. If the call didn't go through, you can press # 0 # and the last number you dialed will be redialed.
9. Are there any hidden charges, surcharges, connection fees or other additional fees?
You need to check our services for charges. With NuEra Telecom, you also pay your usage cost plus an 8% tax.
10. Do I need to enter an authorization code (PIN) when placing a call from my cell phone?
Some cell phones are not detected by the NuEra Telecom system and may require that you enter a PIN in order to make your phone call. Most cell phones, however, allow you to complete your call without entering a PIN, as long as the number is a registered number on your account.
11. How long after I sign up do I have to wait for the NuEra Telecom service to be activated?
The NuEra Telecom service will be activated within 15 minutes after you signed up with one of our sale representatives.
12. Can my roommate and I use the same service paying one activation fee?
Yes, this is only possible if only one phone number is registered on the account. If you wish to add more than one phone number, a second activation fee will be required. A PIN number will always be provided to each roommate, so they can see and control each of their consumption invoiced separately.
13. How often do I get billed?
You will receive a bill once a month. We bill you for your usage from the first of the month until the last day of the month.
14. What is the due date for the bills?
The due date for each bill is on the 17th of the following month.
15. Are the rates calling to cell phones and land-lines the same?
No. In most international countries, a surcharge is applied when calling to cellular phones. This additional charge results in rate increases. However, calls to domestic cell phones are the same rate as calls to land-lines.
16. Do I receive only one bill for all of my registered phone numbers?
Yes. With NuEra Telecom, you will receive only one bill for all of your registered phone numbers.